Cell tower inspection and planning

We offer comprehensive telecom asset inspection and planning services using advanced technology and experienced professionals. Our team ensures precise and accurate data collection, analysis, and reporting to help optimize tower performance and minimize downtime.

Benefits of

Automated Drone Inspections:

Faster and Safer Inspections

Automated drone inspections offer faster and safer cell tower inspections with tailored solutions that automate flights and avoid manual climbing. We input obstacles in advance to ensure generated flight plans avoid them, minimizing risks and saving time on site.

High-Quality Data

Drones can capture high-resolution images of all components of a cell tower, enabling accurate and comprehensive data collection. This photogrammetry data can be used to create a digital model of the tower and fed into analytics software for automatic detection of corrosion and report generation.

Scalable and Repeatable Solution

Drone flight plans can be saved, shared, and reused, making it easier to maintain consistency across inspections and reducing the time spent on-site. This, combined with high-quality data, not only reduces image processing costs but also eliminates the need for reruns.

Open for Customization

We offer customized drone inspection missions tailored to your specific needs, including data collection with various sensors, custom reporting, and flight paths. We can integrate with existing systems and ensure compliance with regulations in regulated industries.
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Cost-Effectiveness for Communication Networks

Importance of Automated Drone Inspections

Cell tower inspections are critical for maintaining the safety and reliability of communication networks. As the industry transitions to 5G technology, there will be an increased demand for more cell towers, which will require more frequent inspections.

By using automated drone inspections, cell site owners can ensure that their towers are inspected quickly, safely, and cost-effectively